March 23, 2019

Miguna to Uhuru: Apologize for violating my citizenship

Lawyer Miguna Miguna. []

Fiery lawyer Miguna Miguna has fired a salvo at President Uhuru Kenyatta just hours after he apologized for using unacceptable language during last year’s campaigns.

Uhuru during his first State of the Nation address on Wednesday in Parliament said, “I am sorry for anything that I said last year that may have hurt or wounded you. If I damaged the unity of this country in any way. I ask you to forgive me and to join me in repairing that harm.”

But Miguna criticized the President in a series of tweets saying Uhuru has not apologized to him for “violating his citizenship”.

Miguna said that having been born in Kenya and his ancestors buried in Kenya, he deserves an apology for the ill treatment he was subjected to on March 26 when he returned to the country.

“I was born in Kenya. My ancestors were born and buried in Kenya & South Sudan yet @UKenyatta hasn’t apologized to me for violating my citizenship and vandalizing my body, passport and house. He hasn’t obeyed court orders, returned me and paid restitution for the barbarism!” he tweeted.

Miguna arrived in the country on March 26 after his first deportation to Canada on February 6 following his role in the unofficial inauguration of Raila Odinga as the ‘People’s President’.

After his arrival at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, the self-styled NRM ‘general’ refused to hand over his Canadian passport for stamping which led to a 72-hour drama with the state.

He was finally deported on the night of March 28 and has since not returned.

Miguna in a separate tweet cast doubts on the President’s apology saying it was not genuine because it is conditional.

“An apology prefaced by “if” is qualified and conditional. Kenyans demand and deserve and unconditional apology…” read Miguna’s tweet.

Yesterday, Uhuru in his keynote address emphasized on the need to unite the country which can be achieved by forgiving one another.

“Kenyans twice cast their votes last year and the results, I believe, reflected their will. We also learnt a hard truth that neither peace nor unity are a given. We must work for them. If we don’t put an end to unrestrained political competition, it will put an end to us,” opined the President.

He added: “Let us each apologize for our words, anger and malice. From Mandera to Maseno, from Mbita to Mvita, from Lodwar to Lunga Lunga and embrace our neighbours.”

Deputy President William Ruto also apologized.

“In keeping with HE’s statement I WSR (William Samoei Ruto) unreservedly apologize to anyone offended or hurt in any way by what I have said or done at any time. Find it in your heart to forgive me. I have forgiven all those who wronged me. Let’s embark on building bridges of friendship and unity.”



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