[VIDEO]: Kenyans in Saudi blame colleague’s death on neglect by Kenyan Embassy in Riyadh

Foreign Affairs Ministry in Nairobi. [Photo Courtesy]

The Kenyan Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is on the firing line following the death of a Kenyan woman, Rahab Njeri.

The embassy has been accused of neglect which resulted in Njeri’s death.

On Tuesday, a group of Kenyans believably working in Saudi took to social media where they shared a video asking the president to change the staff at the Kenyan Embassy in Saudi Arabia.

“Our own Kenyan passed on because of a human being who does not care about someone else’s life…President Uhuru Kenyatta, we are pleading; remove these people from the embassy here,” an agitated woman said in the video.

She said that one of the officials failed to sign a letter to have Njeri wheeled to hospital which led to her death.

An unidentified man who speaks in the video recalled that Njeri visited the embassy in March to seek medical attention.

She was taken to hospital on March 15, 2020 by the embassy and was later discharged but asked to stay with a fellow Kenyan.

Unfortunately, her condition got worse after discharge. Understandably, she underwent a surgery at a private facility but she was required to be admitted at a public hospital for specialized treatment.

“We have tried our best because the Government of Saudi [Arabia] needed a letter from the Embassy that we did not get,” he said bitterly.

He said that Njeri was forced out of the embassy buildings while unwell and passed out. By the time she got to hospital, she was already dead.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kenya did not respond to these claims by the time of publishing.