Kenyan-trained Somalia intelligence officials allegedly working with Al-Shabaab to attack KDF – confidential report reveals

KDF Soldiers under Amisom in Somalia. [Photo Nairobi News]

Kenyan-trained Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) officials have been linked to a conspiracy to attack Kenya Defence Forces in Somalia in cahoots with Al-Shabaab, a new dossier indicates.

The dossier was released by one of the militants weary of the goings-on.

According to the Star, a senior NISA official trained by Kenyan security agencies has been acting as the point of contact between the agency and top Al-Shabaab commanders in hatching the attack against KDF in Somalia serving under Amisom.

The aim of the attack against KDF and other security forces in North Eastern is to setback peace processed currently ongoing in Somalia.

“Some of these senior officers are providing highly confidential security information on Kenyan security agencies and personnel to al Shabaab to facilitate the militant group’s targeting of Kenyan security personnel,” the report says.

The said senior NISA official is reportedly the conduit between the agency and the terror group in advancing financial and material support to the outlawed group. He also provides weapons and top-secret details of Kenyan forces in the country. 

One of the documents leaked shows a $1.5 million cheque sent to Al-Shabaab. It was signed by a top NISA official identified as Abdullahi Kulane

One of the cheques signed by a senior NISA official to Al-Shabaab. [Photo courtesy]

Kulane according to sources in the dossier, is responsible for pointing targets for Al-Shabaab along the Kenyan-Somali border.

“NISA also deployed some of their telecommunication jamming systems to compromise Safaricom’s networks in Mandera and other adjacent areas in a bid to facilitate Al Shabaab operations in the area,” it further states.

Mandera, Wajir and Lamu have in the past few months been victims of terror attacks executed by militiamen from Somali. All of these attacks have roped in NISA’s involvement.