China could become Kenya’s biggest tourism source after COVID-19 pandemic

Chinese Tourists
Chinese tourists in one of the Kenyan parks. [Photo:]

Kenya could be looking at China as the next top tourism market for the country as it recovers from COVID-19 crisis.

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) last week said that the Asian country has shown potential in becoming a big source of Kenya’s tourism market.

China according to KTB’s acting director of market development Fred Okeyo, ranks top 10 among foreign nations bringing thousands of international tourists in Kenya.

“The Chinese travel quite a lot and the country is one of the fastest-growing outbound tourist markets globally and so the country could emerge as the leading source in the next five years,” Okeyo told Xinhua during the launch of a digital conference solution in Nairobi.

He added that Kenya is optimistic more Chinese tourists will visit the country once the COVID-19 pandemic lowers.

This has led to minimal flights between Kenya and China thus, the demand is still low

“We anticipate that Chinese tourism will bounce back and we are preparing adequately to be able to tap into that market again at the right time,” he added.

KTB has since mapped out a mechanism to ensure that Kenya’s tourism appeals to Chinese tourists.

The agency is working on having unique natural sites and culture to ensure that the country sustains the flow of and motivation of Chinese tourists in the country.

“We are offering Chinese travelers motivation to come to Kenya in the form of unique natural sites and culture,” he noted.

Growing investments Chinese investments in the country are also likely to draw in more Chinese tourists.