Flight ticket costs triple as full bookings are recorded on Christmas Eve

Jambojet. [Photo: CitizenTV]

Jambojet has recorded full bookings to top holiday destinations in the country a day before Christmas.

Bookings for flights to the Coast – Mombaa, Malindi, Ukunda – are full and the case is the same for other flights heading to Kisumu and Edoret.

For Fly 540, it has limited bookings on offer for Thursday to Eldoret with air ticket prices shooting to Ksh14,540. This is almost triple the cost as on normal rates charge an air ticket at Ksh5,000.

Skyward Express has full booking for Mombasa on Christmas Eve leaving travelers with the option of road transport which is also on very high demand.

Though the local airlines took a huge beating when COVID-19 broke out, they were optimistic that the Christmas holidays would be a good season for business.

Local airlines resumed business in mid-July after four months of grounding their planes. The first few months after the resumption of local flights business was low.

However, it picked as President Uhuru Kenyatta reopened most sectors of the economy.

As is the case with full bookings on local airlines to Mombasa, the case is the same for the SGR train.

It has recorded full bookings until December 27 forcing travelers to fall back to using buses to travel to the Coast.

Bus companies operating in these routes have a booming business at the moment as travelers fall back to them as an alternative since the SGR is fully booked.

Fares have also doubled as demand increases and is expected to continue for the next week as people travel to different destinations in the country.

This comes even as the virus continues to ravage the country and forcing many Kenyans to stay at home. However, the penchant for travel after months of battling the virus indoors have forced a huge number of Kenyans to hit the road as they travel for the holidays.

Hoteliers at the coast say that they are operating at 80% which is a good number considering that there are COVID-19 restrictions in place governing the industry.