September 19, 2019

Ivy League Harvard University to train Kenyan Executives at Aga Khan University

World’s renowned Harvard University will soon start offering a series of courses for senior executives in Kenya in a new partnership between the institution and Aga Khan University.

The courses are aimed at enhancing leadership and communication skills for senior managers within Kenya’s private, government, business and civil sectors.

The courses will be offered at Aga Khan’s Graduate School of Media and Communications (GSMS). They will start in November and second module kick starts in February next year.

“The courses are designed to offer senior leaders a unique learning experience that will change the way they think about leadership and communication in their professional and personal lives,” observed the GSMS’ founding dean Michael Meyer.

Meyer underscored the need to have reorganization in leadership and communication for those in senior positions in the sectors targeted by the courses.

“We live in an era of accelerating change and unprecedented complexity. Organizational strategies today will be obsolete if not self-defeating tomorrow. Success requires agile leadership and intelligent communication,” noted Meyer.

“That is why we are proud to offer an extraordinary opportunity to sharpen two of the most vital skills demanded by these challenging times.”

For one to be enrolled in the course, you have to be a proven or emerging senior leader with a minimum work experience of ten years.

One should also be in a position that leads others as well as making “mission-critical decision.”

The program will also take in those who feel they have a personal leadership challenge and for those who want to take their leadership to global levels.