March 23, 2019

VIDEO: British-born Kenyan girl Sarah Ikumu gets golden buzzer at Britain’s Got Talent in a thrilling performance

By Jamhuri News Reporter

Each judge of the British Got Talent get one chance to send a performer straight to the live semi-finals by pressing their only golden buzzer.

Sarah Ikumu, a British-born Kenyan 15-year-old school girl, took to the stage to perform And I Am Telling You from the Oscar-winning film-Dreamgirls on Saturday night. The song has been performed impeccably several times and it surprised the audience and the judges that Ikumu had chosen to take the challenge with the song.

When asked why she chose the song, Sarah said she picked the song ‘because it shows my vocal ability the best’

‘That is one of the biggest songs in the world; you want to take that one on? Let’s do it!’ Judge Simon said

As Sarah continued with her thrilling performance, the ecstatic crowd stood on their feet with astonishment, as one of the judges, Simon, ran to press his only golden buzzer on her, sending her straight to semi-finals.

For the judges to press their one chance golden buzzer, they are extra careful and only do so for the acts that are extremely magnificent.

‘’ Sarah I’ve heard this song a lot. You started off well…and then it’s like you became possessed halfway through. It was quite incredible. Said Simon

Sarah was born in Britain by Kenyan parents, and later attended Riara Springs Primary School off Mombasa Road when her parents relocated back to Kenya.


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