Kenya Airways apologizes to comedian Elsa Majimbo after her luggage is left in another country

Elsa Majimbo Qazini
Elsa Majimbo. [Photo by Qazini]

Kenya Airways has apologized to teen comedian Elsa Majimbo following her rant on Twitter over her luggage being left in another country.

Elsie on Thursday complained that Kenya Airways left her luggage in another country on account that it was too heavy to be flown.

She added that this was communicated to her after 30 minutes and that KQ – as its international code is known – did not bother to communicate this.

Majimbo who had been to South Africa told travelers to avoid using KQ.

“Today morning Kenya Airways @KenyaAirways left my luggage in another country cause the weight couldn’t enter the plane….jsksjksjkk! WHAT!?! I was told this after I waited for my bags for 30 MINS!!!!!”

“No apologies were issued. The plane was incredibly small it looked like a domestic flight one. I would not recommend this airline tbh . For travelers avoid it if you can,” she warned.

Hours after her rant gained traction online, Kenya Airways apologized and promised to make a follow up on the matter and ensure that all her luggage has been transported back to Kenya.

“Hi Elsa, we’re sorry for the delay of your luggage. Allow us to follow up on this, to ensure that you’re reunited with your luggage soon.^TK,” KQ said.

In February, another Kenyan complained that he was left stranded in New York after KQ cancelled flights and did not notify him together with 50 other Kenyan travelers.

One Lanji Ouko Awori ranted on Twitter said that KQ’s customer care could not be reached either.

“Fly directly from New York with KQ at your own peril! Customer Service is non-existent, on day 3 arguing with a wall because there is no customer service,” he posted on Twitter.

Five days later, Kenya Airways issued a statement only saying that they had a technical hitch caused by a snow storm.

As a result, all flights were rescheduled.

“All our passengers were re-routed or accommodated until the next flight or -ve PCR test, kindly get in touch via DM if you still have concerns,” KQ wrote on Twitter.