March 23, 2019

Miguna Miguna returning to Kenya on May 16

Miguna Miguna at the Milimani Law Courts .[]

Self-styled NRM ‘general’ Miguna Miguna has announced he will return to the country on May 16 in what could be a litmus test for newly-found forgiveness among Kenyan political class.

“I am returning to Kenya on May 16 2018,” Miguna wrote on his twitter page Saturday.

He added that he is a Kenyan by birth therefore; he has every right to be in his mother country.

“I am a Kenyan citizen by birth. The High Court has ordered @FredMatiangi @GKihalangwa, @JBoinnet and Kinoti 13 times to issue me with a valid Kenyan passport and facilitate my return to Kenya as a Kenyan unconditionally,” he opined.

This will be the second time he will return to the country from Canada since he was first deported on February 6.

Miguna ran into headwinds with the state over his role at the unofficial swearing-in of Raila Odinga on January 30 at Uhuru Park.

Raila was sworn in as the “People’s President” and Miguna stamped the oath documents. He was arrested two days later over the incident and locked up in police cells for five days.

He was later deported back to Canada on February 6 and returned on March 26.

He landed at JKIA at 2:30pm where he immediately got into a standoff with immigration officials for refusing to hand over his passport for stamping.

A fiery and outright brave Miguna resisted attempts by the state to deport him back on the same day. He was then detained incommunicado at JKIA’s Terminal 2 until March 28 when he was bundled into a Dubai-bound Emirates plane.

Lately, he has been taunting President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition Chief Raila Odinga questioning why the historic handshake between them has not warranted his return.

“If I committed treason for swearing you in, why haven’t you been arrested, detained and exiled like me? If your #handcheque with Uhuru seeks to “reconcile” Kenyans, why am I not in Kenya? Be honest with Kenyans,” tweeted Miguna.

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In a separate tweet, he taunted Raila for failure to live up to his own words of having him back in the country.

“At Ahero and Kisumu towns, you told thousands of #NRMKe supporters that “Miguna will be back home on March 26, thanks to the handshake”. What are you now telling them? Why haven’t you condemned Uhuru for violating my rights?”



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