Reuben Kigame: I have never made Ksh300,000 in 11 years from my music

Rueben Kigame. [Photo: Courtesy]

Rueben Kigame, a Kenyan gospel musician has lamented the little earnings he gets from his music while radio hosts and DJs earning highly from his songs.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Kigame lamented that in the last 11 years, he has never taken home Ksh300,000 from his songs yet a radio host and DJs take home around Ksh700,000 per month.

Kigame held that it is highly unfair and wrong for people to be making more money from his work whish doesn’t give him even a fraction of what they take home in a month.

“So, radio DJs who play my music can be paid KSh 700,000 or more a month, yaani Every four weeks, but I cannot make Ksh 300,000 in 11 years from tons of recordings! It is immoral,” he lamented.

He said that he is at a point where he cannot stay silent on the issue even as men of the cloth continue telling him to serve the lord.

“And all pastors and bishops can say is, ‘keep serving the Lord’. The government thinks I will be quiet. Never,” he added.

A few weeks back, Kigame chastised the government for allegedly ‘fleecing” musicians and warned that no politicians will be allowed to speat in his funeral.

He said royalties are never paid out as they should be yet some government officials under this docket living like millionaires.

“I wish to go public about something and I want this marked well: if you one day hear musician Reuben Kigame is dead, do not allow any government representative or those from the so-called copyright societies to speak at my funeral service. What I have been through under them is enough,” he bemoaned.