Turkana landlord foregoes Sh100,000 rental income as he waives April rent for his tenants

Rental houses owned by Justus Eleman who has waived rent for his tenants. [Photo courtesy]

Justus Eleman, a landlord in Turkana has warmed the hearts of locals and Kenyans by large after waiving April rent for all his tenants due to COVID-19 outbreak.

The outbreak has rendered many people, not only in Turkana but in the whole country, jobless as they have to stay at home while others grapple with unpaid leave from their workplaces.

Eleman said he is cognizant of their suffering which inspired his benevolence. He implored that he has lived with his tenants for long and knows the hardships each of them is facing in the wake of coronavirus.

“Everybody is worried about this pandemic that is ravaging countries, including the superpowers. Following the government directives, my tenants are staying at home for their safety, which makes it hard for them to earn,” he told the local daily.

The 20 units are in Kampi Mpya, Turkana Central. Each of them goes for Sh5,000 per month bringing his total monthly income to Sh100,000.

However, he says the safety of his tenants is of paramount importance compared to the money he rakes in each month.

“Money is not everything. All we want is safety for people and put a smile on their faces during difficult times. I will lose close to Sh100,000 but at least I would have helped my tenants to be comfortable when they stay at home.”

One of his tenants, David Egule hailed Eleman’s benevolence saying he has taken off a burden from their shoulders.

“I was worried when government directed that we stay home for our safety. At least the landlord has reduced the burden of rent and the only problem now is food,” stated Egule.

Eleman appealed to other landlords across the country to waive rent for their tenants to enable them deal with the hard times brought about by coronavirus.

Over a week ago, another landlord from Kiambu, James Karanja slashed rent for his tenants to cushion them from the hard economic times.

Karanja said he has a duty to help his tenants out because everyone has been affected by COVID-19.