After 16 years in the US, Kenyan returns home to manage $650 million Thika Green Golf Estate

Paul Gingo Masai
Paul Gingo Masai (right) the General Manager Thika Greens Golf Estate. [Photo: YouTube]

“East or West, home is best”. This is a saying that Paul Gingo Masai has embodied.

He lived in the US for 16 years but the urge to come back home never left his heart after decades in America.

And his plan for this return worked well. He bought a plot at the prestigious Thika Green Golf Resort and with it, he was ready to fall back to the Kenyan life which he missed a lot.

Masai is now the General Manager of the multi-million dollar Thika Greens Golf Estate which is nothing short of amazing. It is a city outside a city with an ambience to envy.

Sitting on 1700 acres of land, Thika Green Golf Estate has been developed in three phases with phases one and two all sold out and three in progress.

Masai while speaking to Ghanaian YouTuber Wode Maya recently said he got the opportunity to start a new life after coming from the US and he built a house on the Golf Estate just as it was starting.

With his experience in the hospitality industry, he was again handed an opportunity to oversee the day to day runnings of the estate which has a vast and well-landscaped golf course and a restaurant.

“I felt it was time to come home and basically I feel that we have a lot of people like me in the diaspora. They would love to come home but you can’t just come home with no place to stay. And when I found the opportunity to buy into this project, I took it,” he says.

Masai opined that for Kenyans looking to come back home, they should do so with enthusiasm which should be pegged on growing the nation and giving back to the society.

“We do have everything that we can find abroad but home will always be home. There is a certain freedom that you have when you are at home that you don’t have when you are out there,” he remarked.

Kirinyaga Senator Charles Kibiru who is the CEO of the Golf Estate and among the founders says the idea was inspired by the congestion in the capital, Nairobi.

Together with five other shareholders, they mooted a plan to start this massive project 11 years ago and they invited interested investors in a bid to raise equity which they did.

Today, Thika Greens Golf Estate has 50 shareholders as Phase three of the project enters continues.

Kibiru, a renowned tycoon says all he wanted was “take back the people to the village in style” which is embodied in the design of the golf estate featuring residential and golf courses and a restaurant.