Husband to a Kenyan mum detained by a Dubai hospital over maternity bill speaks out

Jedidah, 28, with her three-month old baby girl. Her passport has since been confiscated. [courtesy]

Husband to the woman detained by a Dubai hospital after failing to settle a maternity bill of sh402, 000 has spoken.

The 28-year old Kenyan mum had claimed that she traveled to Dubai looking for greener pastures having clashed with her husband in Kenya. Recap here

Now the husband has responded in a Facebook post first published at a vibrant Kenyan Facebook group-Kilimani Mums.

His statement reads:

My name is Keith and at first, I had intended to ask you to delete this post, but upon meditation from last week, I would like this post to be here for posterity so that other people can learn from it as well. But I will be brief and factual so that I rebuff the points raised by Jeddidah about my character. However, I should hasten to add that this, in no way, should come in the way of her fundraising endeavours.

Jeddidah has parents who are alive and they attended our wedding day on 28th November 2015. The parents live in Meru, a place called Kikombe and that is where we did our Ruracio prior to our wedding. We were even introduced to her rich uncles staying in Nairobi. Jeddidah is no orphan. For the benefit of this discussion, I may add that the entire wedding and subsequent honeymoon in Dubai came to about 3.5 million Kenya shillings.

Again for the benefit of this discussion, I will add that our Dubai trip was my worst move as far as our marriage was concerned. In fact, it was the turning point. This is because I procured her a passport which she did not have, and got her a Visa. But, my wife, upon setting foot in Dubai, confided to me that this is the sort of place she has always wanted to stay. In fact, she told many people that she would like to work as an Air Hostess at Emirates Airline and live in Dubai.

When we came back home after the honeymoon, I realized that our relationship had changed. The fire was all gone. She was now in Kenya but her heart was left in Dubai. I remembered that on the day we were to travel back she had wanted me to leave her behind for a few more days…

On 28th November 2016, we celebrated our First Anniversary at The BOMA hotel, Nairobi. Our invitees included family members and friends who included high-ranking government functionaries. We spent another Ksh. 1.5 million on this event. I am mentioning all these, not for any other reason, but so that the world can see that I tried to invest in this relationship.

On the 12th February 2017, I came back from work to an empty house. My wife had eventually left. I tried to look for her at her friends’ places, I even went to her village in Meru. I never got a clue. Even her parents did not know where she was. They say up to now she has not contacted them. I only gathered from her Instagram photos that she was in Dubai and having the life of her life, attending Tennis Tournaments and riding in Lambourghini.
How my wife got to Dubai is still a mystery to me. I have tried all I can at my personal level to have a sober discussion and a happy reunion for the sake of our baby but all has been in vain.

I see that the baby here is being called Baby Esther. My wife has been very elusive when it comes to the baby. First I was sent a picture of a baby boy, then after some time, it changed to a baby girl with a different name, not Esther. In fact, like any other man, I am doubting if I am the actual dad to this innocent baby.

All in all, I want to conclude by making it clear to all and sundry: Every marriage has issues. Mine had its own share of issues. I do not deny. I catered for my wife beyond measure. Even a week prior to her travel the family had been in my care with her sick sister who stayed with us for almost a month and for whom I paid a medical bill of over 200,000 Ksh.

Although I am sad to realize that Jeddah is currently living rough, this situation was wholly brought on herself by herself. I ask whoever has her contacts to kindly ask her to leave me out of her story. She should also leave other members of my family out of her story. I need to heal and move on.”