March 23, 2019

Kenyan professional runner in Auburn Maine outruns two bears in his morning run encounter {video}

A Kenyan professional athlete from Auburn, Maine was on Wednesday facing a tougher challenge that had him use his skills to save his own life.

Moninda Marube told sunjournal that while on his regular morning run at 5 a.m, he came face to face with two black bears who live in the area of the Whitman Spring Road Trail.

It was in the middle of the long trail, and Marube had very few options.

”They were crossing and when they spotted me they stopped, and I stopped too” he said.

Marube says he had to think and act fast. He thought of climbing a tree, running back to a vacant house he had passed nearly half a mile away, or run towards a nearby lake.

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”I couldn’t go towards the lake since I can’t swim……My initial instinct told me to run and break into that vacant house”

Marube sprinted towards the house as the two bears chased him at full speed, and when he reached the house, he kicked the door first but it was locked from outside and he was able to open and get in.

The door was only a bug screen on a doorframe and Marube was scared the bears could just tear up the screen and get in.

”I slid inside and pulled the bug screen door, they came up to it and started sniffing at it facing me”

The bears sniffed around for a few minutes then ran into the bushes chasing each other.

”I say my legs saved me a third, but two-thirds is God who saved me” he said


Video credit: Sun Journal



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