January 17, 2019

Vehicles belonging to NASA MPs seized by police outside Parliament

National Assembly Minority Whip Junet Mohammed (l) with Embakasi East MP Paul Ongili alias Babu Owino. [www.nation.co.ke]

Government yesterday seized two cars belonging to NASA leaders outside Parliament buildings.

Leader of Minority John Mbadi and Minority Whip Junet Mohammed had their cars impounded by police officers who were stationed at the National Assembly entrance in the evening.

Junet termed this “crude” stating the cars belong to Parliament and not the executive who they cast aspersion on in their latest woes.

“They act in the most crude manner. They stop you on the road and tell you and your driver to alight then take your belongings before speeding away with the car,” Junet said according to Daily Nation

He added: “The vehicles belong to Parliament, which is independent. I don’t understand why one arm of the government should cede its powers to another.”

Mbadi said his driver was forced by police to surrender his car. He also said all NASA leaders in the National Assembly will have their cars seized.

“I am reliably informed that vehicles of all Nasa leaders in Parliament will be taken,” he said

Mbadi said as the Leader of Minority in Parliament, he is subject to certain privileges contained in the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC).

“It is unfortunate that vehicles belonging to the Parliamentary Service Commission can be taken by police.”

National Assembly Deputy Minority Leader Robert Mbui added: “The Leader of Minority and Minority Whip offices are constitutional. They come with privileges as contained in the PSC Act.

“You do not expect opposition leaders to praise the government. They are doing their work.”



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