I am sorry, Eric Omondi apologizes as he reaches out to Ezekiel Mutua

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi. [Photo: Capital FM]

Following his dramatic arrest on Thursday comedian Eric Omondi has issued a public apology.

The comedian in an exclusive interview with Standard Entertainment on Friday said that his intent was to entertain people and not to offend anyone.

He said that he reached out to Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua and also apologized for his “Wife Material Show” that got him arrested.

“I called Mutua and spoke with him for almost an hour talking of how we can have a ‘handshake’ on the issue. He was kind to me and reasonable throughout the talk and I am happy that through this we will find an amicable way forward,” he said.

Omondi for the first time agreed that his show should not be dirty to sell.

“He is of the very strong opinion that #WifeMaterial does not have to be dirty to sell. I completely agree with him and I have sent him a personal apology. The intention has always been to entertain and not to offend and I’d like to apologise to anyone who was offended.”

Omondi added that he had a dream to make this an international show stating.

Mutua on Thursday said that Omondi was in breach of the Films and Stage Plays Act by producing and distributing unauthorised films dubbed “Wife Material.”

Gospel singer had earlier praised Mutua for arresting Omondi saying that this was bold move because “he was playing with God”.

“Good morning everybody…Nafurahi sana. Nataka kuwaambia ivi. Ezekiel Mutua umecheza ka wewe… We’re very happy. Uyu kijana anacheza na Yesu. Uyu Eric Omondi anacheza na Yesu. Sasa skiliza. Pia mimi niko na present.

In a rather drastic move, he said that Big Tyme Entertainment headquarters in Lavington should be burnt down.

“Unajua kuna hii nyumba pahali wanafanyia hii userati yao. Ule mkenya atajitolea aende achome hio nyumba, elfu mia moja. Unajua hii nyumba lazima ichomwe… Pamoja tuangamize usherati na jina la Yesu lienee…,” he said.