Patricia Wanja, woman who recorded video in Saudi asking for help returns home

Patricia Wanja
Patricia Wanja. [Photo: Courtesy]

A month after Patricia Wanja poured out her tribulations on her plight in Saudi Arabia, she is back in the country.

Wanja’s biggest gain for the year is finally reuniting with her two children alive.

She says coming back to Kenya from Saudi Arabia before the lapse of her contract is a miracle.

“I’m the product of the efforts of so many people and that’s why I don’t take it for granted. That’s why I am so happy now,” she told NTV moments after her arrival at her aunt’s home.

Her aunt has been taking care of her two children aged 7 and 2.

When Wanja left for Saudi, her second-born son was barely a year old. He almost forgot about her mother but she is happy that she will take care of the young boy once more.

Speaking of working in the Gulf, she stated that it is not always the golden goose for those seeking greener pastures.

“We say we want to try our luck and everything but I would not encourage anyone to go [to Saudi] because it is a gamble that would end with the loss of life,” she warns.

Wanja took to social media in May with a recorded video detailing her suffering in Saudi saying it is time to go back home but need the government’s help to do this.

She narrated that was terrified to death after bumping into a pistol on the coffee table as she cleaned the house.

This added to her fears after undergoing a series of inhuman treatment at the hands of her Saudi employer weeks after starting her work.

“I was just so terrified. I held it with the rug I was cleaning with and I felt it was light. I just left it,” she narrates in the video.

She further accuses her agent, Mahara Human Resources Company of duping her. She is supposed to get a Ksh30,000 salary but only gets Ksh25, 983.

Wanja says the fear of being imprisoned makes her not air her grievances and continues to works like nothing is wrong.

In the short video, she complains that her boss has physically abused her and failed to give her medical attention when she was sick.

This goes against the terms of her contract which clearly states that she should get medical attention in the event she falls ill.