September 19, 2018

Raila: I withdrew from race because Jubilee has already printed fake ballot papers

NASA Leader Raila Odinga []

Opposition leader Raila Odinga now claims Jubilee Party had a well-orchestrated plan to rig the repeat polls.

Speaking during an interview with Radio Jambo from his Karen home, Raila asserted that the fake papers have already been printed at a godown in Industrial area, Nairobi.

He went ahead to reveal he has photographic evidence to back his claim.

He says in the photographs, JP Secretary General Raphael Tuju and President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Chief Agent Davis Chirchir can be seen making their way into the godown to inspect the printing of the fake ballot papers.

“If you go there right now, you will find the papers. What they wanted to do is fill them and stuff them in ballot boxes and say these are the vote,” said Raila adding “that is one of the reasons we withdrew. These are thieves and we cannot go to an election whose outcome is already known.”

On Tuesday, Raila withdrew from the race.

Among his reasons, he stated that going by their assessment, the IEBC is not considering instituting reforms.

NASA had forward 12 irreducible minimums to IEBC and among them was to have CEO Ezra Chiloba resign from the commission together with 9 other staff.

“All indications are that the election scheduled for October 26 will be worse than the previous one,” he said.

“This being the case, it is our conviction that our withdrawal is in the best interest of the country and a win-win for everyone,” he added.

Raila insisted that should IEBC implement the changes, “we [NASA] will go to elections.”

He clarified that he does not have to be on the ballot paper but wants whoever will be on the paper, to enjoy a free, fair and credible election.

“I don’t have to always be on the ballot, but I want my candidate or whoever will be on the ballot to participate in a free and fair contest,” he said.

The former Prime Minister explained Kenya has a haunting history of stolen elections since retired President Daniel Moi’s era and also Mwai Kibaki’s era.

He said it is in everyone’s mind that he beat Kibaki in 2007 and he also beat Uhuru in 2013 but was rigged out.

“Everyone knows I won, I was leading Kibaki with more than a million votes with a few constituencies to go. Then an order was given for live transmission of results to stop. Then they announced that Kibaki won and people started demonstrating.”

“In 2013, Uhuru did not win and he knows it. The tactic they used where a computer was doing the voting was used again during the August election but we caught them,” lamented Raila.

The ODM Party leader insisted he also won the August polls and his withdrawal from the race was not in any way meant to create a constitutional and political crisis.

“I am the one who won so if they want talks for coalition government they come to me not me going to them. They are talking about me wanting “nusu mkate” as if they won.”

He laughed off Jubilee’s show that they have numbers.

He said they are buying off defectors.

“They are walking around with Sh50 million, Sh100 million which they are using to buy defectors in the rallies they are attending. Where are they getting that money from?” he posed.








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