Missing Limuru boda boda rider’s body found buried in shallow grave behind butchery

The misssing Limuru boda boda rider found buried in shallow grave. [Photo: Robert Biu]

Residents of Nderu village in Limuru woke up to a rude shock Friday morning following the discovery of a body belonging to a boda boda rider in Limuru.

The slain boda boda rider only identified as Njenga was found in a shallow grave at Nderu shopping centre.

A school-going kid saw a dog feast on a human leg on his way to school which is when he informed villagers and they exhumed the body.

Njenga is said to have been hired by two men on Saturday to shuttle them to a place that is yet to be known and was not seen again.

The two men according to reports worked at a local butchery in Nderu and Njenga knew them.

After his disappearance, his phone remained on for a while then went dead. By then, police had been informed of his disappearance.

The two men were arrested on Monday near the Tanzanian border with Njenga’s motorbike.

When questioned why they were in possession of Njenga’s bike, they said that they had bought the motorbike from a man in Ndeiya, Limuru.

Upon further interrogation, they were positively identified as the pillion passengers had transported last before disappearing.

They told police that Njenga ferried them to Utawala and later Mlolongo where the deceased’s phone was traced. They changed the story saying that Njenga sold them the motorbike in Mlolongo and he left.

Police from Tigoni have been probing the whereabouts of the boda boda rider.

The body was found in a shallow grave behind the butchery that the two men work in.

They will now be charged with murder.